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Holistic healthy lifestyle coaching services starting at $50/session.

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education - grocery store tour | BOOK NOW

$50/session — Take a health coach to your supermarket! We will go aisle by aisle as I give you tips including how to shop healthy, how to read labels, and which foods make healthy substitutes for items on your grocery list. I’ll even show you what foods I regularly eat/purchase.

Education - Cooking Class | EMAIL ME

Variable - customization available — Parties, girls night in or just needing cooking 101? I can help plan a healthy cooking class based on your specific needs/wants. Want to learn meal-prepping? I can do that too. Contact me to discuss your needs/ideas or to learn more.

Home Wellness - pantry clean-out | BOOK NOW

$50/hour — Preparing for a big change in your eating or lifestyle can be a challenge if you have temptations or harmful foods/seasonings lurking in your pantry. We will start our session with a consultation about your goals followed by a thorough pantry overhaul. After, I’ll provide you with tips on how to stock your pantry for your success and recipes to start you on the right path.

Home Wellness - Home Detox | EMAIL ME

Variable hourly rate — Looking for more than just a pantry clean-out? If you are ready for a whole-home healthy makeover, consider a home detox with a health coach. Your living environment is a large factor in your overall well-being. I will take you room-by-room and discuss hidden health concerns and provide tips on how to set up your home life for your healthiest self. Have a specific goal? We can work together to create an environment that encourages certain habits and starts your progress toward that goal.

one-on-one coaching | BOOK initial consult NOW

Individual: initial consultation required — Looking for personal attention to your health concerns and goals? We will work together with regular, bi-monthly in-person or phone sessions to establish healthy habits and make easy, sustainable changes to your lifestyle in a way that is rewarding and not overwhelming. Schedule your free initial consultation to learn more.

Family/Spouse — Often our journeys in health and our goals cannot be accomplished alone. Usually they require the support and commitment of a spouse, significant other or a family member. I encourage clients to recruit their spouse or loved ones to couples/family coaching for the additional support and accountability it brings. Add a spouse or family member to your sessions for a smaller up-charge and the individual still receives the same one-on-one coaching to achieve their personal goals. Schedule your free initial consultation to learn more.

Corporate wellness - Mini health classes | email me

Variable —  Looking for something new for your next meeting? How about a bringing in a health coach for a presentation on topics related to employee wellness? Topics can range from how to move more at work, to tips for reducing stress, to preparing healthy 3-o’clock snacks. Contact me for more details.

Corporate Wellness - Employee coaching | email me

Variable — Are you a business owner looking to implement an employee wellness program with regular coaching sessions for your employees? I would love to talk to you. Contact me for more details.