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Do you struggle with how to do it all when it comes to your health?

Are you not getting the results you hoped for when you started a particular diet or exercise? Maybe you have tried many programs but nothing seems to stick or fit your lifestyle.

Do you find yourself thinking "ugh, how do some people make it look so easy to stay in-shape and eat right?”Or perhaps you just feel uncertain about where to start in order to reach your goals.

I am here to help.


What you are missing is a coach.

A lifestyle coach provides a 360 degree evaluation of your lifestyle and shows you (& your partner!) how to get more out of your time, enhance your productivity, and partners with you to take your health to the next level.

I help you turn your goals into actions and habits that are manageable and sustainable. Let me help you structure your lifestyle the way hustlers do. 


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From individual or couples coaching, to personal training, grocery store tours, and cooking classes. We offer a variety of lifestyle health coaching from one-on-one to group classes so there is something for every budget. Click below to find out more about our services.

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My focus is on the individual, in a holistic way, and I do not promote restrictive diets and one-size-fits all programs. I have a broad experience in a variety of dietary theories and partner with other health pros to help create the unique plan that works for you!




We are looking to add partnerships that provide our clients with access to health experts in fields beyond nutrition: personal training, holistic medicine and restorative/therapeutic wellness, etc...

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I am an AADP certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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I had a lot of goals when Margy and I began meeting. I wanted to get it all figured out, lose weight, perfectly manage all my responsibilities, make perfect—perfectly informed—food choices, and extend all my ideals to how I fed and parented my toddler son. It was a bit overwhelming—no, a LOT overwhelming. Margy helped me to define small, realistic goals for myself—simple stuff like trying a new digestive enzyme or committing to taking 1 relaxing bath per week (it’s not fluff… It’s strategy! It’s doable!).

Slowly, by her gentle but confident leadership, I felt that I could let go of some of the overwhelming and unattainable expectations I had for myself regarding health and nutrition and instead focus on baby steps toward a sufficiently-nutritious diet and lower-stress lifestyle. When we started, I was researching health topics constantly, listening to health books and podcasts in my spare time and at work, and generally stewing over all my diet and lifestyle choices. After the program, my stress levels are much lower about what health demands I put on myself, and that means I’m healthier! Ha!

— Holly (Client)